Independent But Connected Records Presents….

The new hub for the Delusional Rapper. This is now gonna be the main source for everything from music to insider blogs from the various artist that I’m working with! I will link up all the other sites that support my music but from now on this is where I will be interacting with the underground! All new music & video’s will be released first on this site then on all the other sites so this is the place to be to get the real deal info from The Delusional Rapper! A direct connection with Independent But Connected Records will give you all of our artist updates & info so stay tuned cause we about to do some crazy projects. There is much more to The Delusional Rapper than just Hip-Hop & Rapping. I am also a member of the band The HorrorScope. The Heavy Metal, Electronica, Rap project that has deep roots in the Detroit underground music world. The HorrorScope took a long break from music but now back together better than ever in the studio killing song after song so the new full length record is set to break all sorts of musical barriers. Not content with the state of music of today The HorrorScope is smashing all rules & standards and creating a classic L.P. We have released the first single “CreepFest” so go hear that shit today and connect with The HorrorScope. Also get ready for the KILLER-K Blog. Where Killer blogs on various rants & raves about the local music scene, Society & everything else in between!!!

Independent But Connected Records is now taking on new street team members, A good street team member is someone who goes out to club’s & show’s on a regular basis and is into spreading the newest underground music directly to new people. Simply email us and tell us a little something about yourself and provide good contact info.

Until the next time I connect peace out…

The Delusional Rapper